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The influence of light on the showcase and measures

Issuing time:2022-06-03 21:00

1. Infrared ray in the light will make the surface temperature of the display cabinet rise, humidity drop, causing warping skin and brittle crack;

2. Uv damage is greater, can make the display cabinet fade, will destroy the wood fiber structure, reduce the mechanical strength, even if stop the light, will continue to destroy in the dark.

Display cabinet maintenance measures:

1. In order to prevent the direct irradiation of the sun, the Windows of the warehouse should be few, the east and west should not open the window, the north and south direction of the window should be small and narrow. In the window can be taken to build a pergola, installation of sunshades and other measures, ether sunshine can not be directly illuminated on the display stand for publicity. In order to prevent or reduce the ultraviolet light from diffusing into the warehouse, certain measures should be taken on the window glass of the warehouse.

2. Choose the window glass of thickness 3 mm above, can filter out a considerable part of ultraviolet ray. Because the thicker the glass, the more uv light it absorbs. In addition, also can choose frosted glass, decorative pattern glass or the glass that contains oxide cobalt, these glasses all have good function of preventing ultraviolet radiation.

3. To prevent or reduce the ultraviolet ray in artificial illuminant, when artificial illuminant is used inside the library, it is better to use only light with bai Wen namely common name and silk bulb, unfavorable use fluorescent lamp, because the ultraviolet ray that fluorescent lamp emits compares from kind, lamp much. In addition, display cabinets are wood products that burn easily, so there should be strict fire prevention measures in places where furniture is stored.

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