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  • There are a wide variety of materials for the VR shop display stand, including steel components, man-made plates, metal, glass, and organic plastics. Textile fabrics, coatings and various veneers. At the same time, with the advancement of science and technology, many new materials emerge in endlessly.


  • Store display is not to explain the characteristics of the product, but to arouse the desire of customers to make a purchase.


  • With the continuous development of the exhibition market and the increasing market demand, there are more and more booth construction companies. However, due to the late start of my country's booth construction, the reason is low, the industry's rules and regulations are not perfect, leading to the service of booth construction The quality varies greatly. In fact, the effect of this company's Retail perfume display booth can be seen from the simple use of floor materials for booth construction.


  • hen choosing a display stand, we did not ask in our minds, what kind of display stand is a high-quality display stand? Is there a specific standard for a high-quality display stand? This is a question in the minds of many customers who want to order display racks but lack experience, but we can't directly ask the display rack factory: Are your display racks good? It is self-evident that there is no display rack factory that says its products are bad, and what answers can be obtained. So how to really judge whether a display stand is of high quality?


  • The display of sunglasses display cabinets accounts for a large proportion of the design layout of the entire sunglasses store decoration. Not only is the sunglasses store display cabinets able to intuitively reflect the marketing atmosphere in the store, but also affects the level of commodity prices and the amount of profit. Is reflected in the turnover rate. Therefore, in the decoration process of the sunglasses store, we should pay attention to the display skills and methods of the Sunglasses Shop Display Equipment, and also need to master the most basic display knowledge. Only by meeting these and adding the display skills can the product display be fully displayed.


  • Convenience stores are located near residential areas. They mainly operate instant goods to meet the convenience needs as the first purpose, and the way the goods are displayed on the retail pop racks is also a matter of question.