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Which factory can do ice cream display kiosks with nice look?

2020-05-06 Author:Jin

For this special period of COVID-19, it is not easy for all people&company to survive without a business profit for more than 3 months. Very hard but must insist one for gsdisplays. Our design team spend much energy on developing all sorts of different ice cream display kiosks design, especially the ones look nice and clear.


The ice cream display kiosks image below is the one we just finish. Since summer is coming, and we all believe that virus will be off before June. Then ice cream and cold drinks in mall will be pretty popular in shopping malls all over the world. After long time staying home, people will take their whole family out for fun for sure once virus is controlled. So there will be large need for the ice cream kiosks or other food kiosks, nobody wants their family to be hungry when enjoy happy time.


For this ice cream display kiosks, it is a house type with only one entrance on one side. There are counters on front and rear sides, where you can put your ice cream making machines. One could be used as P.O.S. counters or service bar. We also could add some menu light boxes at top if you like. Inner top of this ice cream display kiosks, we install the led spot lights with enough quantity, then the whole ice cream display kiosks will be lighted enough. The logos will be illuminated also, this way will lead your customers to your ice cream display kiosks and buy what they indeed need at that moment from a remote distance.

Since this ice cream display kiosks is designed as a whole group one, then all will be set up well. You just need connect the DC power with the plug cable we leave for you. No need install any other parts inside. Very easy for you to utilize it .

This ice cream display kiosks size is about 2m by 2.8m, height is 2.1m around, then each 20ft container could load 2 sets, one 40 feet container could load 5 sets. Then we strongly suggest each time purchase 2 or 5 set of of our ice cream display kiosks will be better for delivery arrangement.


GSDISPLAYS IS A leading displays factory manufacturer in Guangdong, China. And we have a seriese mall kiosks in standardizing. Then we can ship all our standardized mall kiosk fast once just change your the logo part to be yours. We would like to make some stock for your phone mall kiosks here if you need, then it will create a pretty and nice building&delivery system.


Also Sincerely welcome to inquire with us on this mall kiosks showcases, durable one but with competitive cost.

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