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Where can find a nice wood drinks mall kiosks?


Size: 2m by 2.4m


Surface finish: glossy green/white painting

This wood drinks mall kiosks base could be with wheels.

Information above is the general data for the indoor coffee and drinks kiosk house we manufactured.Then where you can find a nice indoor coffee and drinks kiosk house?

We have many such of similar designs, and it will must be pretty popular when summer is coming, the weather is getting hot. People wont refuse to have taste of the drinks sold in this indoor coffee and drinks kiosk house.

So Where can find a nice wood drinks mall kiosks? Surely gsdisplays, we are the best factory that can make such sort of wood drinks mall kiosks. We designed this special wood drinks mall kiosks out, and it could be with wheels at bottom. We are going make whole wood drinks mall kiosks colorful per your like. All wood frame we will make it with water proof one, but still only could be used indoor.

We design this indoor drinks mall kiosks in a better space way, which is just could be loaded by all sort of containers. Like one 20 feet container could load 2 sets, and one 40 feet container could just load 5 sets.

Inner top ceiling part of this drinks mall kiosk, there are some 5x5 led spot lights, then ensure whole drink kiosks is lighted enough.

And the colored round small windows are all illuminated, which will attract more customers for your drinks.

Inner space of this wood drinks mall kiosks, there are bar counters, for you to put all sort of machines, and have stainless steel water sink also. If mall side can’t prepare running water for you, then we will prepare one water pump and two big enough bucket inside the bar counters. Then you can push this wood drinks mall kiosks to anywhere you want.

GSDISPLAYS IS A leading displays factory manufacturer in Guangdong, China. And we have a seriese mall kiosks in standardizing. Then we can ship all our standardized mall kiosk fast once just change your the logo part to be yours. We would like to make some stock for your phone mall kiosks here if you need, then it will create a pretty and nice building&delivery system.


Also Sincerely welcome to inquire with us on this mall kiosks showcases, durable one but with competitive cost.

The informationi below is our contact way:


Mobile phone: +86-15989439865(wechat/whatsapp)        

Skype: shampool.chan