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How we finish one phone accessories kiosk?

2020-05-23 Author:alvin

For the phone accessories kiosk, we do everything per customers’ need, and we will give our professional proper suggestion per our rich experience.

So how about the process of building one phone accessories kiosk?

First step, you must need open one phone accessories kiosk in mall , and you also need have signed contract with mall side. Then we will do layout per your information, as the layout plan as below.  

Once layout finished, then we will finish your phone accessories kiosk 3D design image as the one below. At this step, we need spend much more time on dicussing details and design style you like or want. Also you can tell us all of your special requirements or some other rules of shopping mall. You also can send all of these 3D image files to mall management, they will give you their revising suggestion also. Once they give approval on 3D, then we will quote for whole unit.

Next step then come to prepare you phone accessories kiosk construction drawings, and we can finish all within 3 days. Once we get 30% deposite of whole phone accessories kiosk cost, then we will send full set of construction drawings to you, then your shopping mall side will check again, and give you final approval. Once you have final confirmation from mall side, then we will start the phone accessories kiosk production as the image below.

We will adjust small points also per need, and keep talking to you always. Then you will know what is the situation of building your phone accessories kiosk.

GSDISPLAYS is a leading design&manufacturing factory on building store display in guangdong, China. Most of our team members start in this industry from the year 2006, and we have finished hundreds of different store display already. We know how to reduce the cost for your cell phone store display cabinet, and reach the high level on quality as well.

Also Sincerely welcome to inquire with us on this mall kiosks showcases, durable one but with competitive cost.
The informationi below is our contact way:
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