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Which wood type we use for the phone cases kiosks ?


Most of our customers always ask about the information of which wood type we use for their phone cases kiosks. The phone cases kiosks looks so nice, but they really are curious about the main wood frame of their phone cases kiosks.

The photos will tell you, we usually use MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) to build the main construction frame of phone cases kiosks. MDF is certain cheaper than other wood but it will be easier for our carpentry to shape it to be any difficult shapes. And MDF will be good for painting to its surface finish. 

Once we cut the MDF sheet to be the right size we want for your phone cases kiosks, then we screw all together with the phone cases kiosks construction drawings. And polish the surface with our special craft, then give high glossy painting.

Once painting craft being dry totally, then we will start the installation. Everything will be done step by step.


There are other type of wood-plywood to make phone cases kiosks, but this plywood has many different types itself also. Some plywood could be used outdoor, some we can do painting with it, some just could be use to form the main construction and surface with laminate only. Cost will be different per the types also. But plywood way cost will be little higher than MDF way. So most of customers usually choose MDF to form their phone cases kiosks project.

However, if customers require much more durable phone cases kiosks, and they express their own phone cases kiosks need be used more than 8 years, then we will strongly suggest to use plywood. 

Finally come to one conclusion that all phone cases kiosks project will be built per your need. And we also can give our professional suggestion.

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