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Phone store furniture for remax shop design solution!


To build phone store furniture, you can not jump over this Phone store furniture design solution for remax.

Whole Phone store furniture is in one same style from wall cabinets and small floor standing racks to gondolas, then your whole store will be noticeable and remembered by your potential consumers easily. 

Phone Store Furniture

The wall cabinet of this Phone store furniture is made with metal frame, wood box, wood shelves panel and some hook bar. All the parts of this wall cabinet can be delivered in knocking down way, then our customers need install them at the site. We will surely leave all the power system well for each unit of Phone store furniture. Top of the picture is non-illuminated, that is just one panel with printed graphics. 

Phone Store Furniture

And we can make all the wood box illuminated with led lighting, so please just talk to our specialist on Phone store furniture, they will provide you all the information per your requirement.

We can finish each set of Phone store furniture within 15 days from the time we receive deposit and confirm all of your requirements with you.

Comparing to other Phone store furniture design solution, this design solution is much more economical if you have limited budget on starting your phone shop.

If you are just going to open one phone store, then please call us on +86-13724295928 or mail us [email protected], our Phone store furniture specialist will help you create your brand style with these Phone store furniture.